Karmapa offers this meditation on the importance of practice to accept change - 09.04.2020

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Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, offers this meditation on the importance of practice to accept change.

I’m not trying to frighten ourselves.

But we should practice with the attitude that it’s essentially a way to realise that we can’t overcome change, meaning that we are not an entity other than change or separate from change.

We are change.

So it’s a skilful way, and equally a caring way, to realise that.

We can try and think that everything is fatalistic, or that we have to be stoic and there is nothing we can do about it and let it be, so to speak.

But that will only numb our senses for a while and eventually bring panic.

So, practicing has a kind of charm to ease us into accepting change, without alarming us too much.

Owning our own karma is not based on clinging to the method of causality and rebirth.

These methods are just to roughly find a cue to flow with the current of change – just like waiting for a traffic signal before entering the highway.

Once we have entered into the traffic we naturally feel still.

That’s the point.

A disease like this is never evil.

It never was.

It’s just nothing in its essence.

But if we have courage this nothing can be transformed into something.



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