Karmapas reflects on the importance of not seeking a quick fix in the midst of change - 24.05.2020

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In this meditation, Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, reflects on the importance of not seeking a quick fix in the midst of change.


If we try to view this pandemic from a spiritual perspective and see spirituality as somehow separate from this ever-changing world, it will be very difficult to make sense or find a meaning.

No spiritual lens is required to see the obvious, and just how dangerous this disease is. Everyone can recognise it.

But somehow we are taken aback by it, gripped by it to a point that when we experience and witness countless cases and an ever-rising mortality rate, the arising of non-acceptance emotions compel us to look for meaning somewhere else, somewhere other than acceptance. That’s when spirituality somehow gets overused like suddenly following an extreme diet or going over the top with medications due to health reasons.

This approach tries to force spirituality to somehow fix the symptom in one go, which is sadly not possible. This kind of attempt, which sees spirituality as separate from health, casts out the healing benefit of spirituality.

This applies to all forms of spirituality I feel, and particularly to Buddhist spirituality.

Actually health is a fine line between feeling well and feeling unwell. Meaning those two are interdependent, or they rise and fall in a symbiotic way.

If we can see this then a composed approach will take place within us.

Taking care will take place together with letting go of trying to find a quick fix or finding an absolute cure.



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